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Sex, Plants & Resilience (For Adults)

This workshop is designed to be fun, light and useful to all age ranges (above 18 y/o) and experience levels. (Both with sex and herbs.) We will discuss the anatomy of arousal, how to increase libido, enhance pleasure, explore consent and self-determinism, and gather some useful tools if there are challenges coming up around sexual intimacy. This workshop is queer and transgender affirming and is a safe and inclusive space to talk about sensitive topics!

Trauma, Release & Herbal Support

This workshop is designed to explore the unique and powerful relationship between herbs, somatic exercises and trauma release in the body. We will discuss the impacts of major life events, daily stressors and ongoing traumatizing conditions and challenges so they can be managed and moved through with resilience and compassion. This class hopes to introduce simple exercises, tools and plant allies that can support this process.


Herbal First Aid

This workshop is designed to address common and accidental emergent events that require some therapeutic attention. There are a lot of tools and resources that we will learn to attend to basic first aid situations and prevent or minimize the need for medical intervention. Some things we will cover are simple wounds, insect bites, burns, stomach upset, headaches, infections, and what to do in injury or accidents to attend to someone who is hurt or distressed. 

Series: Body Systems and Pathophysiology- Addressing Imbalances with Herbs and Exercises

This series of workshops will review each body system, its function and basic anatomy & physiology. From there we will review common ailments and illnesses associated with these body systems and how we can work with these imbalances from an herbalists’ perspective. We will also cover some diet, lifestyle and exercises that can be done to adjust and communicate with our body to arrive at optimal homeostasis. This series can be divided into a 4-8 week series, depending on how intensive each class will be. Specific arrangements can be made. 

LETS: Liberatory Education Tools

LETS! We are a collective of educators, activists and researchers working to forward accurate, developmentally appropriate, creative sexuality and gender curriculum that is affirming and inclusive. We offer trainings for teachers, schools, medical institutions, companies and organizations to support you in becoming more informed about sexuality and gender. Our work is founded on content that is LGTBQIA++ affirming, inclusive and body positive.

Our soon-to-be-published K-4 curriculum, Sexuality and Gender Education and Empowerment (SGEE), incorporates creativity, embodiment and mindfulness practices and art. We weave together multi-modal resources (books, articles, activities and videos) that celebrate diversity, healthy relationships, justice, respect, listening, bodies, pleasure and consent. Keep an eye out for our release!

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