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Working with Annie as an herbal healer has transformed my relationship to my wellness in rich and authentic ways that I never could have imagined. Her deeply intuitive approach to consultation has helped me become an agent in authoring my own narrative about my own health – such a healing act in-and-of itself, and so much in opposition to conventionally diagnostic paradigms of western medical care. Annie simply knows how to ask the right questions, with a skillful balance of deep clinical rigor and a wealth of knowledge combined with a kind and nuanced understanding of the complexities of human experience and therapeutic practice. Her understanding of the relationships between body systems, plant medicine, and dynamics of healing are offered with generosity, care, humor, wisdom, and a real honoring of the ancient legacy of women as health practitioners and community makers. I struggled with depression and anxiety for my entire life before beginning to consult with Annie two years ago, and since then have been living with a kind of groundedness, mental clarity, confidence and joy in the world that I hadn’t thought possible. I am a better woman in the world because of being a client of Annie’s.

Laurel Butler

Anne Louise Burdett is an insightful and deeply knowledgeable practitioner. Working with her I feel cared for and guided by her herbal wisdom, at the same time as feeling included and empowered to participate in my own healing and diagnosis. Anne Louise pays attention to how systems function as a whole within the body, rather than an isolated symptom, and how hearts and happiness affect her clients health; a perspective missing from many forms of medicine in our current culture. She is a clinically savvy, intuitively strong practitioner with a heavy dash of magic thrown in to every potent potion. I would highly recommend working with Anne Louise for persons of any age, and any background. She is approachable, kind, and works with clients to come up with a medicinal path that is best suited to an individual’s lifestyle and personality.

Client of Anne Louise for 3 years

My experience having a consultation with Annie was so genuine. Annie’s approach is very gentle while still making sure to ask the necessary questions to formulate a proper understanding of what’s going on for you. I felt comfortable sharing facts about myself that I didn’t even realize were relevant to what was happening for me until I expressed them out loud. Annie is fantastic at listening; she makes you feel heard and validated. One beautiful aspect of Annie’s clinical style is that she doesn’t make you feel like you’re doing anything wrong; obviously we all aren’t the healthiest possible people we can be, but Annie understands and respects the intersectionality of race/class/privilege/etc that contributes to all sorts of different physical/mental health issues. Making herbal medicine affordable is super important and Annie makes this a priority. She is not only an amazing herbalist, but a fantastic human being as well. Plus, her formulas are super potent and absolutely wonderful medicine!

Taylor Haaf

Annie is a great teacher with an in depth knowledge of plants and plant medicine.Her knowledge is both academic and intuitive and she teaches you not only how to recognize and diagnose ailments using plant medicines, but how to trust your intuition when working with plants. Overall Annie’s class is a great introduction to working with plant medicines and beginning the long journey as a healer.
Riven Barton

I remember the night of the first class, the excitement, the butterflys, the anticipation! Always being drawn to plants and Earth I knew I was meant to be taking this class. Arriving I was nervous to meet new people, was I good enough to become an herbalist? Of course I was. We all have this gift inside of us, the natural energetic connection towards plants. As we all shuffled in and took our seats I am sure no one could have imagined the wonder about to happen. The friendships made, the knowledge gained, gardening with purpose, connecting to the Earth, plant walks. Most of all, the teacher, it is so important to have a good teacher. A gentle leader, one with compassion, empathy, and most of all equality. I love to share about our first plant walk, Annie took us out to a field nearby and told us all to look out into the field, “what do you see?” she asked. “Grass” we answered. she continued to explain that by the end of class we would be able to look out into that field and be able to see all the different plants. As class went on that is simply what happened, it seemed as my eyes had adjusted just a little bit more to being enlightened.

Kaitlyn John

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